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Zaniac\'s game-based learning programs engage kids in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence and helps them succeed in school and in life.

Zaniac’s programs teach 21st century skills in a way that feels like play!

Ignite your child’s love of learning at Zaniac!

Neydy Gomez

Neydy Gomez is the owner of Zaniac in Miami. She was born and raised in Mexico, she relocated to the Miami area in the year 2000 where she lives with her husband and their two daughters.

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After her first daughter was born, Neydy decided to leave the advertising scene and later opened her own consulting company, where she provided strategic marketing and advertising consulting on projects primarily in the Luxury Retail Industry, Car Racing Industry and Talent Operations and Recruitment consulting in the advertising industry.

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"I believe every child has a talent, my biggest passion and drive are to help children find their talent. That ‘thing’ that makes their eyes glow, be giddy with happiness and smiles be as wide as their face when they discover it. Realize it is something they love learning and doing and would probably want to do for the rest of their lives. Hence, I don’t see my instructors and I as tutors or teachers, I see us as… Talent Whisperers!”

In her involvement with her daughters’ schools when younger, her experiences working with youth for the “truth” campaign, and after noticing that the talent needs of workforce were heavily leaning to the technology and digital arena’s; Neydy started to seek alternative ways to infuse her daughters’ school experiences with more STEAM. In her passion to find innovative, creative, and challenging learning opportunities for her daughters and other youth in Florida, in October 2014, Neydy opened Zaniac in Miami.